About Tonglen

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Lowering Our Carbon Footprint Since 1987

Established in 1987, Tonglen is one of the original resorts in Boracay and is known as a place of natural comfort and pure tranquility. One of our lesser known achievements is our commitment to sustainability and conservation. In 1992¬†we designed and implemented our own biodigestion sewerage system and in 2000 we decided to make bigger efforts to become more environmentally friendly by installing solar heated water. By 2018 we had covered most of our roofs in solar power, generating over 55KW in continuous energy and had completely eliminated single use plastics. At that point we had made enough positive changes to truly call ourselves “eco” so we rebranded to Tonglen Eco Resort.

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100% Solar Powered

Today, we can proudly say that we fulfil all of our energy needs through solar. Most of the resort’s roof space is covered in solar panels generating 55KW in electricity during the day, charging lithium powered batteries and enough for the resort’s nighttime needs. This includes all the needs for our electric cooking stoves, all of our air-conditioning units as well as the hot water for the guests. Any excess solar power we generate is sold back into the grid thereby contributing clean energy to the local population.

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Dedicated To Recycling

Tonglen has completely eliminated the use and sale of single use plastics. This includes bottles, straws and any kind of wrappers. We have also implemented a stringent recycling program where all the resort’s waste is separated and sorted. Any biodegradable waste is directly put into composting where the soil is used to grow the plants in our gardens. And the non-biodegradable waste is sent to a local recycling plant to be repurposed and reused.

The Greenest Garden in Boracay

Our beautiful tropical gardens showcase an impressive array of organic plants including a vast selection of flower, fruit and vegetable species – many of which are served in the restaurant. It has taken three decades of hard work to build up and maintain the garden. Varieties include mangoes, bananas, cashew, aloe vera, orchids, jackfruit, tomatoes and more. The gardens at Tonglen are one of the last remaining green patches in Boracay and will take you to another level of relaxation, tranquility and peace unrivalled anywhere else on the island.

Sustainably Sourced Food

We have introduced a new menu in our restaurant, with dishes ranging from modern twists on Filipino classics to delicious international cuisine. We cater to all dietary requirements, and take particular pride in our predominantly vegetarian menu. We believe that being truly “eco” involves reducing our carbon footprint when it comes to food production, and sourcing fresh, sustainable and locally produced ingredients is at the heart of this commitment.

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Giving Back To The Community

Giving back to the local community is central to our efforts in conserving Boracay. Over the years Tonglen has lead and participated in a number of community programs designed to enrich the local population. One initiative included sponsoring a youth football team and hosting football tournaments on the Tonglen lawn. We will continue to support programs going forward and have many more ideas in the pipeline. If you have any community led initiatives that need support, please get in touch with our team and we will be happy to explore those ideas.

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